IoT, Seamless Integration & Sustainability

You're invited for a four-part IoT and sustainability-focused webinar series by Quinnox and Software AG.

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IoT, Seamless Integration & Sustainability

You're invited for a four-part IoT and sustainability-focused webinar series by Quinnox and Software AG.

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IoT, Seamless Integration & Sustainability

4-Part Webinar Series by Quinnox and Software AG

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The latest tech-celeration was driven by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The uncertainties that the markets faced in the wake of COVID-19 prompted the global digital landscape to lunge forward and embrace massive disruption in the name of innovation.

Now, not on the horizon anymore, but already here, is the next big disruption, the sustainability revolution with every industry—nearly every product and most of our habits are under scrutiny. Like the digital revolution before, the sustainability revolution promises to change everything. With sustainability continuing to be a crucial topic, organizations are turning to technology more and more to meet surpass sustainability goals.

IoT can be seen as the enabler of sustainability. IoT solutions are used globally to support a more sustainable future by connecting the world. IoT devices are used to help and understand different environments, all to act more responsibly and reverse the harm that has previously been done to our planet and its inhabitants through smarter actions, smarter production, and smarter consumption.

Quinnox and Software AG join forces to bring you a four-part IoT and sustainability-focused webinar series. Together, and with special guests, we’ll be exploring how IoT, and seamless integration is the enabler of sustainability. We’ll explore the sustainable IoT landscape, the challenges involved, how pairing your IoT journey with your and your customers’ sustainability goals go hand in hand, touching on key use cases and taking both an internal and external view on sustainability initiatives.

We look forward to welcoming you to the first of our four upcoming webinars.


Timeline for our entire IoT and sustainability webinar program

JAN 19, 2023 | Thursday

Creating Sustainable value from IoT: How to make the board room agenda a reality - Watch On-demand Webinar

11 AM EST | 4 PM UK | 9.30 PM IST


APR 20, 2023 | Thursday

The Guide to becoming a Sustainable, Connected Enterprise - Register Now

11 AM EST | 4 PM UK | 8.30 PM IST

JUL 20, 2023 | Thursday

Best Sustainability Use Cases to start your journey

11 AM EST | 4 PM UK | 8.30 PM IST

OCT 19, 2023 | Thursday

Employees engagement the key to creating a Sustainable Business

11 AM EST | 4 PM UK | 8.30 PM IST

Quinnox and Software AG are devoted to our customers and accompanying them on their sustainability initiatives. We remain at your service throughout the program, and our teams are available to discuss your current IoT initiatives and your sustainability goals.


Meet our speakers

Jean-Philippe Richard-Charman

Product Marketing Manager, IoT & Analytics - Software AG

Jaffar Razool

Senior Vice President, Integration - Quinnox

Special Guests

Panelists and thought leaders will be joining throughout the series

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Creating Sustainable value from IoT: How to make the board room agenda a reality

Quinnox and Software AG discuss how IoT and seamless integration is an enabler of sustainability – and why it’s important.

Making smart connected products isn't an all-or-nothing journey, and neither is sustainability. Wherever organizations start their IoT journeys, IoT enables them and their customers to meet new sustainability goals at each step of the IoT maturity curve. No matter the industry, sustainability-linked value and efficiencies can be created at every stage of IoT maturity by offering new connected products and services.

About Webinar 1

Quinnox and Software AG discuss the different stages of IoT Maturity and how closely linked sustainability is in terms of the sustainability benefits that arise from deploying traditional IoT use cases (Remote MonitoringSmart Field Services, and Performance Management - helping monitor and predict maintenance and repair needs).

Discover how IoT enables sustainability, touching on:

  • Monitoring capabilities to help you evaluate energy consumption and understand the realities of your environmental footprint
  • Using IoT to gain insights on equipment use and necessary maintenance to extend equipment's lifespan
  • Tracking the location of materials and understanding how products can be designed to support a circular rather than linear economy
  • Finding ways to improve efficiencies over time and offer new services that support sustainability initiatives
  • How our customers are using IoT to meet sustainability goals and change their market landscape
  • And much more…

What's next?

After these sessions from Quinnox and Software AG, you'll start looking at your processes, equipment, and operations in a different light. Seeing the potential sustainability-linked value that IoT can deliver to you and your customers, from reducing waste, energy use, and emissions for more sustainable operations to working towards a circular economy and the 17 UN SDGs.

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